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Aerospace Palace International, Nigeria is an arm of Ola-great Multilinks Nigeria Enterprises registered with the code IBZO34005 (Nigeria) EXO 92231 (USA) saddled with the sole responsibility of promoting Aerospace & S.T.E.M education among the youths, this program is tagged ‘Aerospace & S.T.E.M catch them young program for Nigerian youths’.
In this vein, we are currently running some key programs in schools and colleges across the Nation.  It is our aspiration and mandate to use the platform of his company to raise quality leaders who can ‘man’ the Aerospace industry and make our sky safer by the year 2025. This has put us at the forefront of STEM education using his organization as an agent of positive change to educate and train the youths irrespective of gender or disability. Our official website can be found at www.aviationpalace.space).
In the year 2017, after securing over 20 partnership network across the world, the US government gave us permission to start transacting businesses with US government, organisations and agencies under the following identities: DUNS Number: 561294431, NCAGE Number: SCLP2, and System Awards Management Registration: SAMAPINProd01.
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Vision Statement:
It is our aspiration to raise quality leaders who can ‘man’ the Aerospace industry and make our sky safer by the year 2025
Mission statement:
Our mission is to rescue the aviation industry from her past mistakes and avoid total collapse of the sector by:
  1. making the needed positive changes
  2. becoming the hub of Aerospace information in Nigeria by the year 2025
This is the Radio Arm of “Aerospace Palace International, Nigeria”, designed to:
  1. Inspire an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects and in STEM careers among young people;
  2. Provide an educational opportunity for students, teachers and the general public to learn about space exploration, space technologies and satellite communications;
  3. Provide an educational opportunity for students, teachers and the general public to learn about wireless technology and radio science through Amateur Radio
  4. Provide an opportunity for Amateur Radio experimentation and evaluation of new technologies.
  5. Provide a contingency communications system for NASA and the ISS crew.
  6. Provide crew with another means to directly interact with a larger community outside the ISS, including friends and family.
Our Value Proposition
We are set out to achieve the following:
  • Aviation Safety promotion based on ICAO SMS four pillars:
    (i) Safety Policy;
    (ii) Risk Management;
    (iii) Safety Assurance; and
    (iv) Safety Promotion
  • Employment generation for the youths
  • Safety Management in work places
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This is the Radio Arm of “Aerospace Palace International, Nigeria”. The Radio station is a media platform designed to inspire students worldwide, to pursue interests and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through amateur radio communications opportunities with the International Space Station (ISS) on-orbit crew.  Students learn about life on board the ISS and explore Earth from space through science and mathematics activities. In conjunction with Amateur Radio on International Space Station, USA (ARISS) we provide opportunities for the school community (students, teachers, families and community members) to become more aware of the substantial benefits of human spaceflight and the exploration and discovery that occur on spaceflight journeys. Students have the opportunity to learn about space technologies and the technologies involved with space communications through exploration of amateur radio.
Our mission is to stimulate a lasting interest in the STEM disciplines, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue careers in these fields.  This is accomplished by actively involving students in the support of authentic research currently being conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) or in a NASA ground-based laboratory.
Through collaboration with NASA and NASA sponsored researchers, we create an educational mini-curriculum for the high school or middle school classroom that engages students as research assistants, providing data for the Principal Investigator, (PI).  Currently, we have a collaborative relationship with several NASA or NASA supported researchers.  The program is delivered and managed via our Website (www.aviationpalace.space), each teacher being assigned a password protected page for management and program delivery.
During our mission students briefly learn about the scientist and their research, participate in classroom experiments or activity that mirrors the research experiment on the ISS, and then do some type of an analysis and data gathering activity.   These hands-on inquiry based activities are supported by near-real time digital and video images downlinked from orbit and provided to the classroom via our website. Also provided are real time images of a control ground experiment being conducted by BioServe Space Technologies, a NASA Research Partnership at the University of Colorado or elsewhere.
Student research supports the work of the PI, while meeting the educational goals of the classroom and final student data is provided to the PI for review and, if appropriate, inclusion into research databanks.


Our missions typically require between three and seven classroom periods and could involve:
  1. Introduction of NASA and its mission
  2. Introduction of PI and research focus
  3. Instruction on download and use of any required software
  4. Conducting the research (the heart of the mission) which may include:
  5. Hypothesis development
  6. Classroom lab activity mirroring the actual research
  7. Observation and photo/video analysis
  8. Data recording and submission
  9. Formulate conclusions
  10. Evaluation
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